Telemarketing Scripts and Getting Past the Dreaded GateKeeper

The gatekeeper is employed to screen calls and help the company president decide which calls are worthy of his or her time. If you follow these basic procedures your success rate of reaching decision makers will be dramatically improved.

You won’t always get through
Some screeners that don’t budge, even if you make every compelling argument. Don’t get discouraged and don’t waster your time. Sometimes it’s best to move on to the next call.

Only Give Information as Needed
Many sales people have a tendency to just pitch the secretary assuming that she will love the product and instantly put them through to the company President. NOTHING is further from the truth. The screener will usually take your information and pass it on, only with less enthusiasm and with no selling skills. If she asks your name, politely give it to her and ask again to speak with the buyer. If she responds by asking for your company name again you politely give it to her and ask again to speak with the buyer. You’ll be surprised at how often this is effective.

Use Your Main Selling Point
In the event that you have a relentless screener that requires you to give a full disclosure about your reason for calling you should refer back to your “main selling point”. Tell the gatekeeper what her boss has to gain by talking with you. At this point she will either patch you through or tell you that the owner is not interested.

Ask For The Decision Maker by First Name
Unless it’s a Doctor or Pastor always ask for the owner by their first name only. When you ask for Mr. ______ it screams salesman. It says you don’t know this person and your not worthy of the boss’s time. On a very rare occasion a prospect will be offended that you don’t refer to them as Mr. or Mrs., and to that I say “so what”, those people are hard to please and you don’t need to waste your time trying to sell people that are probably extremely demanding of your time and energy and yet appreciates neither. I don’t do it and neither should you. Just thank them for their time and move on.

Treat The Screener With Respect
Always remember, even when the screener goes overboard that they are just doing their job. Treat them with respect and you’ll get a lot further. Beat them up and treat them with disrespect and all you’ll do is put a lock on the door you’re trying to enter.

Call at Different Hours
Sometimes there is no pleasing a screener and you’ll never get past her, but wait there’s still hope. Maybe she doesn’t come in until 9:00am so make your call at 8:45, or call on her lunch break or just after she leaves for the day. Bottom line is she can’t be by the phone 24/7. Work around her schedule.

It’s important to remember that if the Gatekeeper can be your friend or your worst enemy. The above procedures have been tested time and time and they are extremely effective. Remember, it doesn’t really matter how great of a salesman someone is if they can’t get to the decision maker in the first place.

Commercial Cleaning? You Should Try Telemarketing

As a businessman engaged in commercial cleaning services, it is pretty much a necessity to improve your marketability. After all, one could only improve their business capabilities by increasing the number of firms that deal with them. Fewer customers would translate to a weaker business performance. To keep the steady flow of customers going, it pays to have sufficient numbers of janitorial sales leads. This is what you might consider as the grease the keeps the business operation going. As long as these leads exist it becomes less troublesome for these firms to keep themselves afloat. It’s not difficult to imagine the impact of these leads in the performance of commercial cleaning services.

Commercial cleaning services are an important industry. Companies recognize that maintaining a hygienic environment for their workforce is a necessary investment. These firms could try by hiring their own maintenance services. Unfortunately, this could result to additional expenses for the firm. That’s why we have janitorial services who offer the same performance compared to in-house cleaners, but at a much lower rates. This is an advantage that many business firms are slowly catching on. In addition, commercial cleaners often have equipment that is more capable of cleaning compared to the ones possessed by in-house personnel. One might find that hiring these firms would be a very good investment.

Now, there are many firms that are in need of them. They have the money. They also have the time and the place where commercial cleaners can work. The only problem is that they don’t know who to hire in the first place. And this is where you, as the owner of a commercial cleaning service, come in. You have what it takes to do the job. All you had to do is to inform these firms that you are available. This task can be done on your own, yes, but to a limited extent. For the sake of quality, you might want to hire telemarketing services. These professionals are the best when it comes to this job, and they will free you up to concentrate more on how to improve your business.

Telemarketing has been around for many years. Despite what you might hear from mainstream media, it’s not really a monster. Although it’s true that there are many cases of abuses committed by unethical telemarketers, there’s been a widespread effort to eradicate it. This has come from their own ranks, as well as legislation enacted by the government. Over the past years, it has proven itself to be an inexpensive, yet effective, method in generating commercial janitorial leads in numbers that cannot be matched by other techniques. Perhaps it’s interesting to note that these firms are the best when it comes to dealing with a lot of problems. And these problems are what you might consider impossible to resolve on your own.

Commercial cleaning services can benefit a lot from professional telemarketers. Not only would they be able to increase your chances of finding new markets, this would also prove to be invaluable in the areas of lead generation and appointment setting. Do you want to have more firms coming to your shop? Then you should let telemarketing to the promoting for you. They are the best in what they do. And they guarantee that they will deliver good leads that can be easily converted into a sale. You might find this method to be a bit radical, considering the nature of your business, but it’s the right option for you. Telemarketing has worked for other firms. This could very well work with you, too.

Five Myths About a Telemarketing Company

Sometimes it cannot be helped that there would be some people who would think negatively when it comes to talking about telemarketing company. There are many reasons why this has been happening. One reason is that most of these telemarketers would do a process called “cold calling” wherein these representatives would contact their prospects in such a manner that many find quite vexing. The logic behind this is that the prospects that have been receiving cold calls may have been interrupted.

However, this does not mean that all the processes of a telemarketing company undertake should be thought of negatively. For instance, a business owner can take advantage of their services in order to acquire more sales income or even just to gather specific information about their prospects.

Knowing this, let us take a deeper outlook towards some myths about a telemarketing company and their processes.

Myth #1: Telemarketers have no regard as to what their prospect’s time

Telephone marketing representatives think highly of a prospect’s time. If in case that these prospects have been interrupted, then these representatives would respectfully apologize to their contacts and ask for a better time to call them back. However, if the prospect would take some time to listen to what these telephone marketing call center agents have to say then these representatives would thank their prospects for their time and effort in listening to them.

Myth #2: These telemarketing companies are unable to contact high-end clients

Telemarketing companies have been around for many, many years and they have already gained a substantial amount of contact information in their databases. Using their databases, they can readily contact clients from the different levels within the business enterprise. This means that they can contact clients from the low, middle, and most especially high-end prospects.

Myth #3: A telephone marketing company’s only goal is to acquire more sales income

It is true that one of the goals of a telemarketing company is the acquisition of more sales from business transactions. However, it is not their only goal for their company. One such goal that they highly take into account is to give each and every prospect and client a guaranteed sense of customer satisfaction. Doing so can help these representatives be a bit more closer to their prospects and clients hence the foundation of trust would truly be strong between them.

Myth #4: Telephone marketing agents fail to grasp their prospect’s needs all the time

There are times that these agents would not know their prospects needs. However, this is not entirely a hundred percent true. Always remember that a person cannot please just about anybody on the face of the earth. Each individual has his or her own needs and wants. Hence when a representative would contact some of their prospects, they would turn down the offer as these possible clients would not need any of the wares the agent is offering them for the time being.

Again, if this happens, the telephone marketing representative would thank their prospects for the time and effort in answering the telephone.

Myth #5: These telephone marketing representatives only care about making a sale

Leaning towards the third myth, it is not true that these representatives only care about making a sale from their prospects and leads. What they care about is the well-being of their prospects that is why they are suggesting their products and services. Even at the start of the call, these agents would already have a pleasing and professional tone so that the tension between these call center agents and their representatives would have been much lightened.